Press Release - Jefferson Mountain Bike Association (JBMA) New Website

Press Release – March 11, 2014

Jefferson Mountain Bike Association (JBMA) New Website

Jefferson Mountain Bike Association (JMBA), a local chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association, promotes mountain biking and trail stewardship in the Yreka, CA area, is proud to announce the release of a new and improved website. The website ( provides local residents and riders, as well as visiting riders, with information on mountain biking and recreation in the Yreka area. In addition website visitors can find information on JMBA’s projects and events and how to join IMBA. 

The new website was created with a focus on users, and it will continue to evolve as JMBA introduces new content, sections, and other enhancements. We are very excited about the future of mountain biking in the Yreka area, and we believe that having a great and up to date website is a critical component of our success moving forward.  

The new website provides a number of additions and improvements over the previous website, including, a blog to provide up to date information, including project updates, links to news articles and other media, a photo section, and a calendar of events. JMBA encourages everyone to check out the Humbug Hurry Up page on the website to learn more and register for the annual Humbug Hurry Up mountain bike race held on third Saturday in June at Upper Greenhorn Park.

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