Custom DeSalvo Bike Raffle - Team Alex/JMBA

Team Alex - JMBA Mountain Bike Raffle - Custom DeSalvo Mountain Bike 

Bike winner announced June 21, 2014 at Humbug Hurry Up

280 Raffle Tickets were sold!  JMBA donated $2,800 to Team Alex!  Team Alex supports 12 year old Alex Shephard and his family as he continues to fight his battle with brain cancer. 

Huge Thanks to everyone who donated to the bike, bought raffle tickets, sold raffle tickets and supported the cause! 

CONGRATS TO ROY AVERY THE WINNER OF THE BIKE!  Roy Avery bought the first tickets when we posted the raffle on Facebook.  Roy was born and raised in Yreka and now lives with his family in Utah. 

He bought $100 in tickets because he felt compelled to help after the outpouring of support he received after his wreck.  Roy was in a terrible car accident in January.  

"So awesome! Mike DeSalvo built my first rear wheel in 1993, now I get one of his beautiful frames!
You can't even begin to imagine how excited I am to get healed up enough to be able to ride again."  
Roy Avery - June 21, 2014 - on Humbug Hurry Up's Facebook page. 

Congrats Roy! So happy that this special bike gets to be part of your recovery!