JMBA Press Release - Pump Track & Beginner Trail

Press Release

For Immediate Release July 20, 2014

New Pump Track & Beginner Trail in Yreka, California

Yreka, California - The Jefferson Mountain Bike Association (JMBA), is proud to announce that a new pump track and beginner trail loop has been completed in Greenhorn Park in Yreka, California. This project was funded by a grant from The McConnell Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation.

JMBA, a chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), contracted with IMBA Trail Solutions, IMBA’s professional trail building organization. Trail Solutions specializes in planning, designing, building and managing trails and other mountain bike facilities. Project management and construction was led by Randy Spangler, former professional mountain biker, and designer of courses for Sea Otter Classic and Red Bull Rampage. The beginner trail loop connects with the Claim Jumpers Trail west of the upper lawn at upper Greenhorn Park. The trail is designed and built so that it will be a friendly and fun experience for beginner and intermediate mountain bikers to use and hone their riding skills on. The trail is not designed for equestrian use.

The pump track, which is located adjacent to the start of the beginner trail, is designed to allow riders of a wide range of abilities to maneuver around the track, while navigating smooth bumps (rollers) and banked turns (berms) without having to pedal. Pump tracks became increasingly popular over the last five to ten years, and have become a standard mountain bike facility. Yreka’s pump track is one of only several public pump tracks between San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR.

“Having a pump track and beginner trail in Greenhorn Park is very exciting, and they help make the park an even better place for locals and visitors to mountain bike.” - Brenda Nystrom, JMBA President  

This project is the culmination of over a year of planning and coordinating with a number of organizations, including the City of Yreka, IMBA (including Trail Solutions and Pacific Northwest IMBA), the Siskiyou Gardens, Parks, & Greenway Association (SGPGA) and Cycle Siskiyou. Construction began July 7, 2014 and ended July 13, 2014. JMBA will maintain the beginner trail and pump track.

The IMBA Trail Solutions team of Randy Spangler, Chris Orr and Forrest Bault were invaluable in not only executing JMBA’s vision for improved mountain biking facilities, but also exceeding every expectation.

JMBA is planning to make additional improvements to the area, including picnic benches, and landscaping improvements.

Please remember to always wear a helmet when riding the beginner trail and pump track, and please do not ride them when they are wet.

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